Abbi Jacobson almost missed her audition for "Broad City" due to a freak accident involving her bike and a pedestrian.

Abbi's first-ever acting role was as an extra in the hit sitcom "30 Rock," but her scene was ultimately cut from the episode.

Abbi and her "Broad City" co-star, Ilana Glazer, initially met at an underground improv show in New York City.

The iconic "Blue Dress" episode from "Broad City" was inspired by a real-life incident where Abbi accidentally wore an expensive dress to a party and couldn't return it.

Abbi's character on "Broad City" has a hidden talent for singing, which was revealed when the actress performed her own rendition of "Dreamgirls" in an episode.

Abbi has a recurring role in the popular animated series "BoJack Horseman," where she voices Emily, Todd's high school girlfriend.

Abbi is a trained aerialist, and her skills were showcased in the "Broad City" episode where her character joins an aerial fitness class.

The famous "pegging" episode from "Broad City" was based on an actual conversation between Abbi and Ilana, who debated whether or not to include it in the show.

Abbi's favourite "Broad City" guest star was the legendary Whoopi Goldberg, who made a surprise appearance as a quirky office worker.

The famous "rat in the apartment" scene from "Broad City" was inspired by Abbi's real-life experience of dealing with a rodent infestation in her New York City apartment.

Abbi's character in the Netflix movie "6 Balloons" was initially written for a male actor, but the script was rewritten to fit her unique comedic style.

Abbi Jacobson is a skilled illustrator and released a book called "Carry This Book" in 2016, where she drew the contents of famous people's bags.