Abigail Spencer was initially turned down for her role in "Rectify," but the producers changed their mind after re-watching her audition tape. 

In "Timeless," Abigail performed many of her own stunts, including a challenging motorcycle chase sequence. 

Abigail's character in "Suits," Dana Scott, was not initially planned to have a recurring role but was brought back due to her chemistry with Gabriel Macht.

Abigail Spencer is a talented singer and even performed an impromptu song on the set of "Mad Men."

In "Cowboys & Aliens," Abigail played a small but pivotal role, and her character was specifically created for her by director Jon Favreau.

Abigail's character in "Hawthorne" was initially intended to be a guest appearance, but her performance impressed the producers so much that they made her a series regular.

She almost turned down her role in "Oz the Great and Powerful" due to scheduling conflicts, but director Sam Raimi personally convinced her to join the cast.

Abigail underwent extensive firearms training for her role in the action-packed TV series "Timeless."

She shared a close bond with her "Rectify" co-star Aden Young, and they often spent time together off-set discussing their characters and storylines.

Abigail's first-ever TV role was on the soap opera "All My Children" in 1999, where she played Rebecca Tyree.

In "This Is Where I Leave You," Abigail had to learn to speak Hebrew for her character's pivotal scene.

She developed a close friendship with her "Timeless" co-star Matt Lanter, and they remain good friends even after the show's cancellation.

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