Adelaide Kane was almost cast as "Wonder Woman" in the DC Universe before Gal Gadot landed the role.

While filming "Reign," Adelaide took up horseback riding and archery to better portray her character, Queen Mary Stuart. 

Adelaide initially auditioned for a different character on "Teen Wolf" before being offered the role of Cora Hale.

During the filming of "The Purge" TV series, Adelaide performed some of her own stunts, including a challenging fight scene.

In "A Midnight Kiss," Adelaide's character was inspired by her own love for event planning, which she enjoys doing in her spare time.

Adelaide's on-screen chemistry with Toby Regbo in "Reign" was so strong that fans speculated they were dating in real life. They were, however, just good friends.

Adelaide had to learn French for her role in "Reign," since many scenes required her to speak the language fluently.

In "Power Rangers RPM," Adelaide's character, Tenaya 7, was initially written as a male villain before being reimagined for her.

While filming "Pretty Tough," Adelaide injured her ankle during a soccer scene but continued shooting despite the pain.

Adelaide's role in "Goats" was her first experience working with high-profile actors like David Duchovny and Vera Farmiga.

For her character in "Blood Punch," Adelaide studied chemistry to understand the intricacies of the film's plot.

Adelaide's guest role on "Once Upon a Time" was a dream come true, as she has been a fan of the show since its inception.

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