Adam Goldberg initially auditioned for the role of Mike Newhouse in "Dazed and Confused" but ended up playing the memorable character of Mike's friend, Don Dawson.

Goldberg's character in "Saving Private Ryan," Pvt. Stanley Mellish, was actually named after the director Steven Spielberg's uncle.

In "2 Days in Paris," Goldberg co-wrote the script with his then-girlfriend Julie Delpy, drawing inspiration from their own relationship.

The popular TV show "Friends" cast Goldberg in a two-episode arc as Eddie Menuek, Chandler's unstable roommate, despite the fact that the character wasn't initially written for him.

Goldberg's character in "The Hebrew Hammer," Mordechai Jefferson Carver, was inspired by his own Jewish upbringing and experiences. 

Adam Goldberg's real-life passion for music led him to compose the score for his 2003 film "I Love Your Work," in which he also starred and directed.

In the cult classic "The Salton Sea," Goldberg played a character named Kujo, who was inspired by the Stephen King novel "Cujo."

Goldberg's role in "A Beautiful Mind" as Sol, one of John Nash's friends, was based on a real-life mathematician, Solomon Lefschetz.

Adam Goldberg improvised most of his dialogue in the 2000 comedy film "The Tao of Steve," giving his character a unique and authentic feel.

For his role in the TV show "Taken," Goldberg had to learn Russian, and he was able to speak the language fluently by the end of production.

While filming "Zodiac," Goldberg admitted to developing a slight obsession with the real-life Zodiac killer case, diving into research on the infamous murderer.

In "Entourage," Goldberg's character Nick Rubenstein was loosely based on a real Hollywood producer.